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Termites are an essential part ofour pest management services.  They are one of the mostdestructive pests to a home owner.  We are associated with anumber of termite specialists who will discuss yoursituation with you.  Pest Control Sydney

The benefit to you in thisarrangement is that you know the person who comes to yourhome deals only with termites.  You can have confidence thatthey are specialists in their field.

There are a number of termitecontrol solutions and each persons situation needs to beconsidered.  Do you need a chemical solution or would atermite barrier be best.  You can have physical barriers orchemical barriers.

You may need a monitoringsystem or a baiting system which will tell you in advance ifyou are going to have a termite problem.

Termites attack existing homesso you will need to have a termite inspection done on aregular basis.  If you are building a new home orrenovating, you will need to consider what termiteprevention solutions are available. 

There are a number of companiesoffering all kinds of solutions, which solution suits youcan only be determined after you have had a buildinginspection done.  This is the same for residential andcommercial treatments.

Which solution suits you canonly be determined after we have done a buildinginspection.  This is the same for residential and commercialtreatments. We are fully qualified and licensed as are allour technicians.  Our office is computerised so we candesign a full pest management program for you so you knowwhen your property needs to be inspected and if necessary,treated for insects or nuisance pests. 

In solving your pest problem,we believe there is a process that needs to be followed. Firstly we start with the pest identification stage.  Thisis essential because we need to determine exactly what yourpest problem is so we can recommend the correct solution.

It may be as simple as acockroach treatment however, a lot of pests co-habitat andwhere there is one, you will have another.  Part or our pestcontrol service is to look at the overall environment andtell you if there are other insects that you need to beaware of.

Pests and insects are a part oflife.  They can never be permanently eradicated.  We willdiscuss with you a pest management solution that will enableyou to be in control of what is happening in your home.  Pest Control Bulleen.